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August Derleth – Sleep No More

Posted by demonik on August 4, 2007

August Derleth – Sleep No More (Panther 1965)

August Derleth - Sleep No More

M. R. James – Count Magnus
Algernon Blackwood – The Occupant Of The Room
Clark Ashton Smith – The Return Of The Sorcerer
Howard Wandrei – The Hand Of The O’Mecca
H. R. Wakefield – “He Commeth And He Passeth By”
Robert Bloch – The Mannikin
M. P. Shiel – The House Of Sounds
Hazel Heald – The Horror In The Burial Ground
Robert W. Chambers – The Yellow Sign
Robert E. Howard – The Black Stone
Frank Belknap Long – The Black Druid

A honed down edition of the Farrar & Rinehart edition of 1944 which also included:

Henry S. Whitehead – Cassius
Thomas Burke – Johnson Looked Back
John Collier – Thus I Refute Beelzy
Wilfred Blanch Talman – Two Black Bottles
Carl Jacobi – The Cane
Maurice Level – The Kennel
Alfred Noyes – Midnight Express
Stephen Grendon (August Derleth) – A Gentleman From Prague
H. P. Lovecraft – The Rats In The Wall

Thanks to Nightreader at Vault of Evil for cover scan and contents!

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