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Panther Horror Paperbacks 60’s & 70’s

Michel Parry – The Supernatural Solution

Posted by demonik on August 12, 2007

Michel Parry (ed.) – The Supernatural Solution: Chilling Tales Of Sleuths Versus Spooks  (Panther, 1976)


Meet the haunted detectives – they track cases too tough for Sherlock Holmes himself!

Doctor Martin Hesselius, Carnacki the Ghost-finder, Bell the master of mysteries, Neils Orsen the Ghost-hunter: thrill to the suspense-charged adventures of these and other daring psychic sleuths as they track malevolent supernatural evildoers to the edge of the unknown – and beyond …

Introduction – Michel Parry

J. Sheridan Le Fanu – Green Tea
E. and H. Heron – The Story Of Yand Manor House
William Hope Hodgson – The Gateway Of The Monster
L. T. Meade and Robert Eustace – The Warder Of The Door
Dion Fortune – Blood Lust
Arthur Machen – The shining Pyramid
Seabury Quinn – The Jest Of Warburg Tanteval
Manly Wade Wellman – The Two Graves Of Lill Warren
Dennis Wheatley – The Case Of The Red-Headed Woman

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