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H. P. Lovecraft – The Tomb And Other Tales

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2007

H. P. Lovecraft – The Tomb And Other Tales (Panther, 1969)

Lovecraft - The Tomb

The Tomb
The Festival
Imprisoned With The Pharaohs
The Horror At Red Hook
The Strange High House In The Mist
In The Walls Of Eryx
The Evil Clergyman

Early Tales

The Beast In The Cave
The Alchemist
Poetry And The Gods
The Street
The Transition Of Juan Romero


The Descendant
The Book
The Thing In The Moonlight

Complete Chronology

Are YOU ready to enter the Tomb?

In a dank wooded hollow stands the Tomb, excavated far back into the hillside. Its portals are slabs of granite, its door a ponderous and forbidding slab of stone which hangs upon rusted hinges, fastened ajar in a queerly sinister way with heavy iron chains and padlocks. One man has the key that will open the tomb wide. One man will face the nameless horrors within. You can follow him inside — if you dare …

H. P. Lovecraft
The world’s greatest master of heart-stopping, mind-spinning supernatural horror, weaves his chilling spells of fascination in this superb collection of tales, each one a polished black jewel of ultimate terror.

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