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Tales Of The Supernatural

Posted by demonik on February 2, 2008

Anon – Tales Of The Supernatural (Panther, June 1962)

H. G. Wells – The Plattner Story
Michael Joseph – The Yellow Cat
Daphne du Maurier – Escort
Washington Irving – The Specter Bridegroom
Algernon Blackwood – Keeping His Promise
Lady Cynthia Asquith – The Corner Shop
Gerald Kersh – The Brighton Monster
Robert Louis Stevenson – The Body-Snatcher
M. R. James – Casting The Runes

Have you ever felt, in the soft, eerie blackness of the night, the presence of that other world, moving and dwelling around us, but not with us? Woken suddenly, perhaps, to become shudderingly aware of its ghostly proximity? Visit now this swirling domain of clammy terror with this deliciously hair-raising new collection of stories of the uncanny, the fiendish, and the macabre, specially selected to grip and chill you.

Here are some of the finest tales of mystery and imagination ever written …..


Thanks to Andy the nightreader!

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