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Fritz Leiber – Night Monsters

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2008

Fritz Leiber – Night Monsters (Panther 1975)

Fritz Leiber Night Monsters

Cover illustration: Bruce Pennington

The Black Gondolier
Midnight in the Mirror World
I’m Looking for Jeff
The Creature from Cleveland Depths
The Oldest Soldier
The Girl With Hungry Eyes
A Bit of the Dark World


In this collection of grisly and terrifying stories you will find your darkest fears depicted – a phantom seen in a mirror reflection at midnight which becomes only too real… a weird girl who practices a rather different kind of vampirism… a malignant, inexorable intelligence which lurks in murky oil deposits beneath the earth’s bony crust… These and other black gems of the fantasist’s art await your discovery – if you dare to look within…

“Should send your goose-pimples squawking”
– The Times

“Leiber’s imagined fragments of dark have a tactile quality about them such as only the best writers in the genre achieve”
– Times Literary Supplement

Thanks to Sean of Vault for providing the cover scan, contents and blurb!

One Response to “Fritz Leiber – Night Monsters”

  1. daniel og said

    loved your blog, very usefull to me.
    i´m gonna link it in my own.

    in retribuition, i love tales of the fantastic,
    and also not only fiction, but documents and books
    on fairies, and folk magic. but being a brazilian,
    it´s really tuff to find things about it, even through

    could you help me indicating books, and/or authors
    wich i should look for in that direction.
    (an exemple of what i mean would be the story
    “the white people” by arthur machen


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