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Guy Endore – Satan’s Saint: De Sade: A Novel

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2009

Guy Endore – Satan’s Saint: De Sade: A Novel About The Man (Panther, 1967)

An uninhibited novel about the most infamous man who has ever lived … the divine Marquis de Sade … whose life was a convulsive storm of scandal and fury…
Was he a monster from hell … an apostle of the devil … or a solitary visionary and philosopher, misunderstood by posterity, who glimpsed another world, beyond morality and religion, pain and pleasure, where man and woman might together taste the exquisite joys of absolute freedom ?

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Newgate Calendar

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2009

The Newgate Calendar 2 (Panther, 1968)

Certainly horror and most likely, several of the entries err toward the fictitious too, but main reason for including these is I love the cover artwork.


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Giles Gordon – Prevailing Spirits

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2009

Giles Gordon (ed.) – Prevailing Spirits: A Book of Scottish Ghost Stories (Panther, 1977)

Forbes Bramble – Holiday
George MacKay Brown – Beliah
Elspeth Davie – The Foothold
James Allan Ford – A Kind of Possession
Antonia Fraser – Who’s Been Sitting in My Car
Clifford Hanley – The Haunted Chimley
Dorothy K. Haynes – The Curator
Angus Wolfe Murray – The Curse of Mathair Nan Uisgeachan
Robert Nye –  Randal
Iain Crichton Smith – The Brothers
Fred Urquhart – Proud Lady in a Cage
Gordon Williams – The Horseshoe Inn

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