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Eric Frank Russell – Dark Tides

Posted by demonik on May 11, 2009

Eric Frank Russell – Dark Tides (Panther, November 1963)

E F Russell Dark Tide

E F Russell Dark Tide

Freaks, natural and supernatural slither and crawl from every page.

The Sin of Hyacinth Peutch
With a Blunt Instrument
A Matter of Instinct
I’m a Stranger Here Myself
This One’s On Me
I Hear You Calling
The Ponderer
Sole Solution
Rhythm of the Rats
Me and My Shadow
Bitter End


“…this is a book about the dark tides in human affairs. It will thrill and chill the blood of those among us whose curiosity knows no restraint; and the others who are magnetically drawn by the dreadful…”

Thanks to Andy, Nightreader for providing the coverscan and contents!

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