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Michel Parry – Strange Ecstasies

Posted by demonik on May 15, 2009

Michel Parry (ed.) – Strange Ecstasies (Panther, 1974)

Strange Ecstasies

Strange Ecstasies

A mind-blowing fantasy anthology of unearthly drug stories

Introduction – Michel Parry

H. G. Wells – The New Accelerator
Norman Spinrad – Subjectivity
Clark Ashton Smith – The Plutonian Drug
Fritz Leiber – The Secret Songs
Frank Belknap Long – The Hounds of Tindalos
Frederik Pohl – What to Do Until the Analyst Comes
Chris Miller – Pipe Dream
Richard Wilson – The Big Fix
Arthur Machen – The White Powder
F. H. Davis – The Dream Pills

Thanks to James Doig for providing the cover scan!

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    Lovely cover by .

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