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Robert E. Howard – The Valley Of The Worm

Posted by demonik on November 8, 2009

Robert E. Howard – The Valley Of The Worm (Panther, 1976)

August Derleth – Foreword

Robert E. Howard – Which Will Be Scarcely Understood (verse)
H P Lovecraft – Robert Ervin Howard: A Memoriam

The Fire Of Asshurbanipal
A Man-Eating Jeopard
Worms Of The Earth
Kings Of The Night
The Valley Of The Worm
Skulls In The Stars
Rattle Of Bones
The Hills Of The Dead
Wings In The Night

Blurb: A classic collection of tales from the Golden Age of fantasy and horror.

Robert E Howard – creator of some of the greatest worlds of heroic fantasy and nightmare horror ever conceived by the mind of man

H P Lovecraft descrived Howard as a master of ‘description of vast megalithic cities of the elder world, around whose dark towers and labyrinthine nether vaults linger an aura of pre-human fear and necromancy which no other writer could duplicate.’

In the three volumes of Skull-Face Omnibus published by Panther Books you will find a nerve-tautening gallery of tales of superhuman savagery and supernatural evil. Journey back into long-lost eons of time and across the frontiers of the occult with one of the greatest fantasy masters of the century, Robert E Howard.

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