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Ray Bradbury – The Illustrated Man

Posted by demonik on October 17, 2011

Ray Bradbury – The Illustrated Man   (Panther, 1977)

Peter Goodfellow The Illustrated Man

Peter Goodfellow

Prologue: The Illustrated Man
The Veld
The Other Foot
The Highway
The Man
The Long Rain
Usher II
The Last Night Of The World
The Rocket
No Particular Night Or Morning
The Fox And The Forest
The Visitor
Marionettes, Inc.
The City
Zero Hour
The Playground

He was a big man. Massive. And every inch of him was illustrated. When his flesh twitched the colours burned in three dimensions. And the people moved, the tiny mouths flickered and voices rose, small and muted. Sixteen illustrations, sixteen tales. The first illustration quivered and came to life …  

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Ray Bradbury – Long After Midnight

Posted by demonik on October 17, 2011

Ray Bradbury – Long After Midnight  (Panther, 1978)

Ray Bradbury Long After Midnight

The Blue Bottle
One Timeless Spring
The Parrot Who Met Papa
The Burning Man
A Piece of Wood
The Messiah
G.B.S.-Mark V
The Utterly Perfect Murder
Punishment Without Crime
Getting Through Sunday Somehow
Drink Entire: Against the Madness of Crowds
Interval in Sunlight
A Story of Love
The Wish
Forever and the Earth
The Better Part of Wisdom
Darling Adolf
The Miracles of Jamie
The October Game
The Pumpernickel
Long After Midnight
Have I Got a Chocolate Bar for You!


A crazy scheme to bring peace to the world – with the aid of rust; … a Martian that could be Jesus; an author, plucked from the grave to write a novel thwarted by death and Melissa Toad, the mysterious witch of New York…

This latest collection from Ray Bradbury takes you everywhere from a priest’s confessional box to the surface of Mars – here is an anthology that puts an end to all the loose talk about truth being stranger than fiction.

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