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Ray Bradbury – Long After Midnight

Posted by demonik on October 17, 2011

Ray Bradbury – Long After Midnight  (Panther, 1978)

Ray Bradbury Long After Midnight

The Blue Bottle
One Timeless Spring
The Parrot Who Met Papa
The Burning Man
A Piece of Wood
The Messiah
G.B.S.-Mark V
The Utterly Perfect Murder
Punishment Without Crime
Getting Through Sunday Somehow
Drink Entire: Against the Madness of Crowds
Interval in Sunlight
A Story of Love
The Wish
Forever and the Earth
The Better Part of Wisdom
Darling Adolf
The Miracles of Jamie
The October Game
The Pumpernickel
Long After Midnight
Have I Got a Chocolate Bar for You!


A crazy scheme to bring peace to the world – with the aid of rust; … a Martian that could be Jesus; an author, plucked from the grave to write a novel thwarted by death and Melissa Toad, the mysterious witch of New York…

This latest collection from Ray Bradbury takes you everywhere from a priest’s confessional box to the surface of Mars – here is an anthology that puts an end to all the loose talk about truth being stranger than fiction.

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