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Stephen Gilbert – Willard

Posted by demonik on May 28, 2012

Stephen Gilbert – Willard (Panther, 1971)

Rats — one of Man’s deadliest enemies. They can outbreed him. Kill him with the plagues they carry. Strip the flesh from human bones with their needle-sharp teeth and claws. No wonder the hero of George Orwell’s classic 1984 found contact with rats the ultimate torture.

But if there was a man who didn’t find rats repugnant . . . if, on the contrary, he had such power over them that he could lead them on.a campaign of escalating revenge against those humans he hated — then the world would see such a mind-wrenching horror as it had never seen before. WILLARD is the story of just such a man. And just such a horror …

What they said about the film is doubly true of the book:
‘Makes Hitchcock’s The Birds look like a stroll through the park’ -KING FEATURES SYNDICATE
‘One of the more terrifying, deliciously scary thrillers’ – NEW YORK MAGAZINE

CINERAMA Releasing presents WILLARD
Produced by Mort Briskin, it is A BCP Production in Colour Directed by Daniel Mann[/color]

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