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Roberto Vacca – The Coming Dark Age

Posted by demonik on August 9, 2020

Roberto Vacca – The Coming Dark Age (Panther, 1974)

Richard Clifton-Dey

Translated from the Italian by Dr. J. S. Whale

More shocking than FUTURE SHOCK …
More terrifying than THE DOOMSDAY BOOK –
THE COMING DARK AGE reveals how our world is heading inevitably for shattering collapse

In the most disturbing book on mankind‘s future ever written, Roberto Vacca shows how all the major systems on which our civilization depends are hopelessly overloaded . . . and will crack up completely between 1985 and 1995. The result will be massive social collapse, widespread violence. disease and starvation. death on a scale never before known – and a hundred years of darkness unparalleled in human history. . .

* Japan and America will go first, followed by Germany, Holland, Belgium, France. Austria. Italy and Britain – in that order . . .
* There will be no more short-term housing problem once the survivors have cleared the corpses out of the buildings …
* Fortified redoubts with gun emplacements will be the new Ideal Homes
* Vigilantes and the new feudal lords will be the only lawmakers

This is your future, and it’s starting now …


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