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Carl Jacobi – Revelations In Black

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2007

Carl Jacobi – Revelations In Black (Panther 1977)

Jacobi - Revelations In Black

Revelations In Black
Phantom Brass
The Cane
The Coach on the Ring
The Kite
The Satanic Piano
The Last Drive
The Spectral Pistol
Sagasta’s Last

Satan, Sorcery and the Supernatural

Ten tales of terror and nerve-splitting suspense await you in this classic collection of stories. Here you will find such memorable and macabre tales as The Satanic Piano, Phantom Brass, The Spectral Pistol as well as other rarer gems of the gruesome.

Travel to the twilight world beyond the tomb and read Revelations in Black at your own risk ….

Love the entirely incongruous matching his-and-hers Les Edwards artwork for these!

Rog Pile reviews Revelations In Black and companion volume  Tomb From Beyond at Vault Of Evil.

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Carl Jacobi – The Tomb From Beyond

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2007

Carl Jacobi – The Tomb From Beyond (Panther 1977)

Carl Jacobi - Tomb From Beyond

“The shadowy mass of the mausoleum rose like a curtain before me. I steadied myself, reached up and strove to see the interior. My curiosity was disappointed. And then – my head jerked back with revulsion. sweeping to my nostrils from the inner recesses of that vault had come a horrible fetid smell, a loathsome odour of unutterable filth. Then, without warning something cold and clammy slid across my hands clenched there on the iron bars, and I whipped them away dripping with blood, gashed to the bone ….”

 Just a tormenting taste of the blood-blanching horror that awaits you in this classic collection of horror tales.

The Tomb From Beyond
The Digging at Pistol Key
Moss Island
Carnaby’s Fish
The King and the Knave
Cosmic Teletype
A Pair of Swords
A Study in Darkness
Writing On The Wall
The Face In The Wind.

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