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Douglas Hill – The Way of the Werewolf

Posted by demonik on August 6, 2007

Douglas Hill (ed) – The Way of the Werewolf (Panther, 1966)

Eight gruesome tales of werewolves to chill the spine and strike terror into your heart!

Fangs curved and gleaming …
Eyes yellowed and bloodshot …
Witing to pounce on the unwary wayfarer …
So, dear reader, tread carefully and beware of the werewolf!

Douglas Hill – Introduction

Seabury Quinn – The Phantom Farmhouse
Saki – Gabriel-Ernest
Algernon Blackwood – Running Wolf
Bruce Elliott – Wolves Don’t Cry
Claude Seignolle – The Galoup
Jane Rice – The Refugee
Frederick Marryat – The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains
Alex Hamilton – Canis Lupus Sapiens

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