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August Derleth – Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos

Posted by demonik on July 24, 2017

August Derleth (ed.) – H. P. Lovecraft & Others: Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos Vol. 1 (Panther, 1975)


Bruce Pennington

August Derleth – Beyond the Threshold
Robert E Howard – The Black Stone
H P Lovecraft – The Call of Cthulhu
August Derleth – The Dweller in Darkness
J Vernon Shea – The Haunter of the Graveyard
Frank Belknap Long – The Hounds of Tindalos
Clark Ashton Smith – The Return of the Sorcerer
Henry Kuttner – The Salem Horror
Frank Belknap Long – The Space-Eaters
Clark Ashton Smith – Ubbo-Sathla

August Derleth (ed.) – H. P. Lovecraft & Others: Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos Vol. 2 (Panther, 1975)

Robert Bloch – The Shambler From The Stars
H. P. Lovecraft – The Haunter Of The Dark
Robert Bloch – The Shadow From The Steeple
Robert Bloch – Notebook Found In A Deserted House
Ramsey Campbell – Cold Print
Brian Lumley – The Sister City
Brian Lumley – Cement Surroundings
James Wade – The Deep Ones
Colin Wilson – The Return Of The Lloigor

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Robert Bloch – The Opener Of The Way

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2007

Robert Bloch – The Opener Of The Way (Panther, 1976)


 Cover: Anthony Roberts

By Way Of Introduction

The Opener Of The Way
The Cloak
The Fiddler’s Fee
The Mannikin
The Strange Flight Of Richard Clayton
Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper
The Seal Of The Satyr
The Dark Demon
The Faceless God

The publishers regret to announce that there is no blurb to inform prospective readers about the contents of The Opener Of The Way. Unfortunately the person designated to write the blurb was found dead after reading the book, having apparently suffered some mysterious kind of severe shock …


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Robert Bloch – The House Of The Hatchet

Posted by demonik on July 12, 2007

The House Of The Hatchet (Panther 1976)


Robert Bloch – By Way Of Introduction

House Of The Hatchet
Return To The Sabbath
The Mandarin’s Canaries
The Feast In The Abbey
Slave Of The Flames
The Shambler From The Stars
Mother Of Serpents
The Secret Of Sebek
The Eyes Of The Mummy
One Way To Mars

Waxworks: Paris, the fogbound docklands. Bertrand, “a poet, a very bad poet, with the sentimentally esoteric nature such beings effect”, is the latest man to have become obsessed with the strikingly beautiful waxwork of Salome in the local chamber of horrors. The proprietor, a shabby, fat little grey haired man informs him that he moulded the figure in the image of his wife, a reputed witch guillotined for the decapitation murders of five young men. Bertrand notices that the head of John the Baptist she brandishes on her silver platter periodically changes, and the horror escalates when he recognises one of them as that belonging to a family friend, Colonel Bertroux …

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