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Parry & Subotsky – Sex in the 21st Century

Posted by demonik on May 30, 2009

Michel Parry & Milton Subotsky (eds.) – Sex in the 21st Century (Panther, 1979)


Intro: The Shape of Things to Come? – Michel Parry and Milton Subotsky

Isaac Asimov – What Is This Thing Called Love? (Playboy and the Slime God)
Fritz Leiber – Game for Motel Room
R. J. McGregor – The Perfect Gentleman
Robert Sheckley – Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?
Robert Silverberg – In the Group
Robert Silverberg – Push No More
Charles Beaumont – The Crooked Man
Alain Doremieux – The Vana
John Novotny – A Trick or Two
Robert Sheckley – Love, Incorporated
Miriam Allen deFord – A Way Out
Irving Feldman – The Near Perfection of the USSS
Steven Utley – Personal Column


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Theodore Sturgeon – E. Pluribus Unicorn

Posted by demonik on May 23, 2009

Theodore Sturgeon – E. Pluribus Unicorn (Panther, March 1961)



Groff Cronklin – Essay On Sturgeon

The Silken Swift
The Professor’s Teddy Bear
Bianca’s Hands
A Saucer Of Loneliness
The World Well Lost
It Wasn’t Syzygy
The Music
The Sex Opposite
Die, Maestro, Die
A Way Of Thinking

Science Fiction stories of the Weird and Mysterious, Terrible and Fantastic.

A startling collection of science fiction stories by one of the great names in this, the most fascinating of all the categories of fiction. Meet the strange boy who wooed and wed an idiot girl’s beautiful hands; learn the terrible truth about your cat; read the jazz story, full of jive and subtle terror, and another which proves quite conclusively that there are only 200 people on Earth, so you’re probably one of the others ….

You won’t just read these and the many other stories, you’ll find they happen to you!

‘Science fiction’ it says on the cover, but of all his collections up to his death in 1985,  E. Pluribus Unicorn probably has the highest concentration of horror stories, even without  the likes of Bright Segment and It.

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Clark Ashton Smith – Genuius Loci

Posted by demonik on May 20, 2009

Clark Ashton Smith – Genius Loci (Panther 1974, Originally Neville Spearman 1972)

Bruce Pennington

Bruce Pennington

Genius Loci
The Willow Landscape
The Ninth Skeleton
The Phantoms Of The Fire
The Eternal World
A Star-Change
The Primal City
The Disinterment Of Venus
The Colossus Of Ylourgne
The Satyr
The Garden of Adompha
The Charnel God
The Black Abbot Of Puthuum
The Weaver In The Vault

Thanks to Dave aka H. P. Saucecraft for providing the scan and blub!

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Clark Ashton Smith – The Abominations of Yondo

Posted by demonik on May 19, 2009

Clark Ashton Smith – The Abominations of Yondo (Panther, 1974)

Bruce Pennington

Bruce Pennington

The Nameless Offspring
The Witchcraft of Ulua
The Devotee of Evil
The Epiphany of Death
A Vintage From Atlantis
The Abominations of Yondo
The White Sybil
The Ice-Demon
The Voyage of King Euvoran
The Master of the Crabs
The Enchantress of Sylaire
The Dweller in the Gulf
The Dark Age
The Third Episode of Vathek
The Mirror in the Hall of Ebony
The Passing of Aphrodite

Thanks to Jamess Doig for providing the cover scans and content.

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