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George Theodore Wilkinson – The Newgate Calendar

Posted by demonik on April 26, 2010

George Theodore Wilkinson – The Newgate Calendar (Panther, 1963)


Murderers, ravishers, traitors and rogues of every description. The great chronicles of crime and the bloodiest deeds in criminal history.

Through the pages of this remarkable work we follow the careers of the great criminals of Britain’s most licentious era. We walk beside them through the vice dens of the eighteenth century’s underworld, wait with them in the ditches of the country roads to pounce on unsuspecting travellers, and stand before them as they breathe their last on the scaffolds of Tyburn and Execution Dock. Here are the stories of the infamous whose names have lived down the years: Jonathan Wild, Captain Kidd, Dick Turpin, Sawney Beane, Jack Ketch, John Sheppard, and a host of other murderers, pirates, cut-throats and traitors presented in a vivid, fascinating volume. But be warned it is not for the squeamish.

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