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John Knowler – The Trap

Posted by demonik on November 8, 2009

John Knowler – The Trap (Panther, 1966)



An electrifying masterpiece of the macabre.

Mary Baxter, young and innocent, an English suburban rose, goes to work for Wilhelm Schmidt, moody and passionate, an antiquarian bookseller who has a flourishing side-line in erotica. The results of their confrontation are electrifying. Mary’s fresh, prosaic and breathless innocence is brought into contact with an alien and forbidden range of experience: sharp practice, lust, incest, and finally suicide ….

2 Responses to “John Knowler – The Trap”

  1. ebloke said

    HI there

    I spent ages looking for this book on Amazon, etc. No joy, and then I looked at the actual cover – the author’s name is John Knowler, not Knowles! Easy mistke, but perhaps you should change it. Great site, by the way!

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